Fratello On Air: New Watches & A Lot Of Nivada No Alizé & Vodka

March 14, 2023 Fratello Watches
Fratello On Air: New Watches & A Lot Of Nivada No Alizé & Vodka
Show Notes

Fratello On Air is here with loads of new watches in this episode. No, it's not Watches & Wonders, but it's busy nonetheless! There's a new Fratello Collaboration and even a MoonSwatch!

New watches season is definitely here! Balazs and I take some time to discuss some of the latest pieces to ensure they get coverage before the Watches & Wonders onslaught begins! Settle in and enjoy!

Handgelenks Kontrolle

Before getting to all the new watches, Balazs kicks things off with a decidedly old watch. In fact, this is a pretty lousy piece because it's a so-called office GMT. Yes, he's sporting a watch that no one wants, a vintage Rolex 1675! Mike kicks off the new release topic with a vintage Excelsior Park "Tuxedo Dial" chronograph. This sets our main topic in focus because Excelsior Park just announced that this watch will be their next release. Exciting!

New Watches

We kick things off with the newly announced Seiko Prospex GMT Divers and despite the fact that they're not "pilot's" GMT's, we really like them. That golden GMT hand is the bee's knees! Next, we mention the Mido Ocean Star Decompression Worldtimer because it was pitted against the Seiko in a recent Sunday Morning Showdown. It has a fancier movement, but we're a bit concerned about everyday legibility. Next, we broach the latest MoonSwatch and declare it to be a neat, but quickly passing event. Last but not least, we roll out the Fratello × Nivada Grenchen Racing Chronograph and talk about the different variants.

Thanks so much for listening! As always, if you have episode suggestions, feel free to let us know!