Fratello On Air: Six Divers For Under €1,000 That Are Ready For Summer

May 31, 2023 Fratello Watches
Fratello On Air: Six Divers For Under €1,000 That Are Ready For Summer
Show Notes

Fratello On Air returns with a look at six divers for under €1,000. We could do this episode any time, but Summer is the perfect time due to casual wear and loads of water-related activities. We've picked a fairly wide range of pieces from a wide array of countries. If rotating bezels are your thing, sit back and listen!

So, you don't dive? Well, neither of us do either, but we do spend a fair amount of time in the water during the Summer months. And hey, maybe one of us will dust off the snorkeling gear at some point. Regardless of actually strapping on a tank, divers have become a go-to practical watch for just about any activity these days and that includes simply acting as a good watch. We've come together to name six divers that truly range in price, but all come in below €1,000. We hope you enjoy it!

Handgelenks Kontrolle

For those of you who don't love blathering, we're fairly light on the small talk this week and get right into the divers. Well, almost. Before the Handgelenks Kontrolle, Balazs discusses his profound admiration for the Tissot PRX. We think this would make a great Summer watch because it pairs so well with some shorts and a rolled-up linen shirt. Then, Balazs talks about wearing his Doxa 300T Sharkhunter, a watch that made the trip with him to his hometown in Hungary. Mike is wearing the newly released Aquastar Model 60, a 37mm skin diver that wears really well. He also discusses bringing the Tudor Black Bay 58 Silver and the Synchron Military Poseidon on a recent trip to Italy - a foray filled with pool and ocean activities.

Six divers under €1,000 for Summer

We're ready for the main topic and that means choosing six divers that all sell for below €1,000. Let us know what you think of these choices:

We hope you enjoyed today's episode and thank you for listening. If you have thoughts on future episode topics, please feel free to let us know!