Fratello On Air: Alternative Watches To Pieces In Our Collections

August 15, 2023 Fratello Watches
Fratello On Air: Alternative Watches To Pieces In Our Collections
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Fratello On Air returns and this week we discuss alternative watches to those already in our collections. The idea came from a listener of the Whiskey & Watches podcast. It was then covered by the folks on Wrist Cheese Radio and the Spirit of Time podcast. We take our own spin on this idea as you'll soon hear.

We're uninvited guests to the party! A few podcasts we know and enjoy have all taken their shot at a similar theme or alternative watches to something they already own. In our case, we choose watches from each other's collections, "throw them away," and then suggest a replacement. There's a lot of watch talk here, so get ready!

Aufwiedersehen Handgelenks Kontrolle

Mike has officially relocated to London, England, and has left Balazs to watch the fort that is Germany. As a result of the move, we've decided to retire the Handgelenks Kontrolle usage unless both are back in Germany. Therefore, we need a new saying and you can help! We want something English and have discussed Cockney rhyming slang possibilities. "Kettle and Hob" is slang for a watch, so we're sticking with a "Kettle Check" for now. Again, though, feel free to bring it! Mike kicks things off with his Seiko Cronos reference J13028 from the early '60s. It's a rare black-dialed variant that many see as a precursor to the brand's first divers. Balazs, on the other wrist, is wearing the new Nivada Grenchen Chronoking "Paul Newman" Orange.

Alternative Watches

We move on to the main topic related to alternative watches. Here, we each pick three of each other's watches, dispose of them, and suggest alternatives. Most are a real surprise!

Balazs suggests the following changes to Mike's collection:

Mike suggests the following changes to Balazs' collection:

  • Omega Seamaster 2627 Steel for the Omgea Seamaster 2627 14K with black dial
  • Certina Chronolympic Valjoux 72 Hungarian Air Force for the Longines 7981-1 Big Eye with 30CH
  • At least 3 Angelus models for a vintage Angelus Medical

We hope you enjoyed this latest episode. If you have ideas for a future show, please don't hesitate to let us know!

Watch Podcast Challenge
Bye Handgelenks Hello Kettle
Mike's Seiko
Balazs' Nivada
Mike's 1st Pick - Omega Seamaster
Balazs' 1st Pick - Omega Aqua Terra
Mike's 2nd Pick - Longines Big Eye
Balazs' 2nd Pick - Minase Divido
Mike's 3rd Pick - Angelus Medical
Balazs' 3rd Pick - Citizen Auto Dater